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At ADS we are passionate about assisting our clients to leave the stress of being in debt behind and regaining peace of mind and self-confidence.

Our unique personalised service ensures our clients significantly reduce their monthly instalments to creditors and have money left over to service basic needs and gain control over finances and helped  to prevent any repeat of the debt cycle.

ADS is so much better than debt review!

Just compare how much better the ADS solution is to debt review…


  • High upfront fee – can be as much as up to R15 000
  • All creditors installments are reduced – payments can be much  lower than 50% making payments last longer
  • This is a Court Order
  • No further loans will be granted
  • Creditors do not receive monthly payments
  • The individual does not receive creditors statements and has no control over their money matters or the balances due to creditors
  • Debt Review can only be cancelled once all debt is paid up
  • Individual blacklisted for 10 years


  • A once-off activation fee.
  • All creditors installments are reduced by up to ±50%, except Home Loans and Vehicles.
  • There is no court order – due to monthly payments, Magistrate Courts are restricted to granting judgments.
  • ADS opens a protected IMB wallet account putting money back in your hands.
  • Creditors receive monthly payments from the Clients private and protected IMB account.
  • Individuals receive statements from creditors and can take back control of their money matters!
  • ADS offers Clients and Creditors day to day assistance and client services.
  • Service cancellation notice of 1 month applies.
  • No Clients are blacklisted. The monthly payment structure will reflect positively on the client and start a new track record of payments.
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