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Thank you very much for your help and kind assistance the past 18 months. I do appreciate it.

This is unbelievable!!!
I was looking for a way to pay one creditor and finish, but didn’t know how to start. They keep on calling and at the end of the day I end up not paying them. Just when I thought I am finish, someone like you came to my rescue.
I believe that my life will change for the better. Thank you ADS!

Good morning, I had a look at your program and it looks like a fantastic option! Well done!
I support what you do and will refer people to you.

Awesome. Thanks for all the help. You guys have been absolutely amazing.
(on the ADS program for a year – paid 2 creditors in full and 5 remaining creditors are 100% satisfied with progress)

Hi Lisa thank u very much for what u have done for me, I went to Absa and I was so happy to hear that the R7500 that was missing from my loan was found.
Thank you for your excellent service, God bless u

Hi all
When I started with ADS I was over committed and rolling debt, to make ends meet. ADS reduced my debt payments and with the plan they put me on, I have had no need to incur more debt. Yes it takes sacrifice but there is light at the end of the tunnel. The assistance and guidance ADS provided are always professional and they always respond to any queries you might have, which is rear, not only in this field but in general in SA. ADS has changed my financial position where I am not incurring more debt, but paying it off. I can recommend them to anyone!

…and I love you, for what you are doing for me!

Good morning to all the ADS ladies. It is always nice to receive a call from you to state that an account is paid in full.
You walked the extra mile for me and I almost feel as if I have won the lotto! Thank you for your commitment and help.

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